October ended with a beautiful Harvest/Blue Moon and November began with Daylight Savings Time.

Well what is going to happen now?

  • We all got an extra hour of sleep at our house/school.
  • November we are putting up our greenhouse for the winter and preparing our garden!
  • November also includes Thanksgiving break which we will venture to the grandparents for a week in Arizona!

8:00 to 8:45 For my Pre-K and 1st Grader we did All About Reading Level 1, and Spelling you See Level 1. The lessons are full of good information and games for both myself and my students. Our 7th Grader does Mosdos Press Literature – Pearl (Grade 6), she is working on her reading and writing skills and we knew it would be better for her to excel at the 6th Grade then struggle with the 7th Grade and she can move forward much better in school.

9:00 to 10:00 Zoom meeting with my 2nd grader to go over her Mosdos Press Literature – Opal (Grade 3), she excels in English and Reading so it is nice to be able to work ahead without applying pressure on her. Pre-K and 1st Grade work on Epic Reading and Typing online, while our 6th grader does Mystery of History or Art (Archi-Doodle Book).

10:00 to 10:30 Break/Snack

10:30 to 11:15 Math-U-See

  • Pre-K Primer has coloring activities and counting blocks.
  • 1st Grader does Alpha which is adding and subtracting single and double digit numbers
  • 2nd Grader does Beta (which I am now thinking she needs Omega) so we include Multiplication of numbers 0-10 and next semester we will do Division.
  • 7th Grader does Pre-Algebra which the Teacher Edition is very helpful for a refresher!

11:15am to 12:15pm is Lunch and Physical Education

Lunch time is usually dinner leftovers because we make extra food for the following day, seeing as though there are 9 of us in the household it is better to make large batches and then we only have to cook once a day! PE is usually outside (seeing as though we are in Southern California and it is always warm and sunny! The kids decide to ride their bikes, jump on the trampoline, archery, gardening, or yoga/stretching. We also have soccer, jump ropes, sidewalk chalks, potato sack races and woofleball.

12:15 to 13:15 Critical Thinking, Geography, and Games (Monday, Friday)

12:15 to 13:15 History of the World Volume 1 and Science in the Beginning (Tuesday, Thursday)

12:15 to 13:15 Think Play Gears (Wednesday)

Pre-K, 1st Grader, and Second Grader we use this time for out of the box thinking, learning about Geography, Games that help with sensory and critical thinking as well. Our 6th Grader does Grammar, Chemistry, Critical Thinking and Games as well on the different days.

13:15 to 14:00 Art and Storytime

Art and Story Time are at the end of our day because it helps our kids relax. They don’t know it but they are still learning. Art includes drawing, coloring with crayons, paints, water colors, puzzles, and connect the dots. Story time is usually what ever book I decide to read to them. Right now I am doing What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know pg 31-143 which includes some poems, short stories and fairy tales. I will see where the book takes me but I also add in Amelia Bedelia and Bernstein Bears.

14:00 to 15:00 End of the day is me grading work from the day, reviewing information any student did not understand and allowing our students to do something together or relax. The grading is easy because all the books have an answer key or a teachers edition and I can look over their work to identify where their strengths and weaknesses are in the subjects each day.