Our 2nd grader went on a trip to Yosemite for the week and it was a test to see how she was able to complete her schooling while on vacation. Well it turns out when you leave your school work at home you are not able to complete any work! OOOPS!

We learned about the continued drought in California and it seems like Yosemite River looks more like a puddle. There was some snow in the Valley but not enough to help with filling up the river. It is estimated that over 43% of Californians are in drought areas but I think it is more considering the fires and lack of rain and snow pack.

Our 1st grader was all excited to move on to her next book with the All About Reading Level 1 that she is reading the first book on her own to everyone in the house. Our 7th Grader is learning about square roots and she build a wagon for her STEM this week.