So our first attempt at vacation/holiday with school was defiantly fun and provided a new learning experience. We really only did school on Tuesday. However, regardless of the lessons which did not get done we did a lot in nature and learning about our environments. While we were not camping per-say, we were in an area void of paved roads and civilization. the best way to get around is in an all wheel drive vehicle or off-road utility vehicle. There are many types of wildlife in the area and we came across some different types of tracks and animal droppings (dung).

We found tracks (foot prints) of mountain lions, elk, deer, and the all elusive human tracks. We came across huge cow patties (dung), deer pellets, cat (bobcat or mountain lion) droppings. The kids were on the lookout for different tracks and droppings along the way. They also were excited to find different rocks like granite, quartz, and shale. All-in-all there were some great adventures in nature and learning about their environment and surroundings.

Grandpa made a homemade tree swing for the kids to enjoy!

The creek had crystal clear water but it was cold! We saw crawdads and tadpoles as well as ton and tons of blackberry bushes. It seemed as though you could look over the creek and see so many blackberry bushes covering the ground along the creek-side. The rock climbing was the crowd favorite because it gave the kids and adults a chance to scale the rocks they were comfortable with. Some of the boulders were taller than two-story houses and others were partially covered by the water or coming off the cliff-side looking as though it was hanging on by a thread.