Since we are going into our 9th week of home-school I have watched the girls learn new concepts and ideas while understanding their studies at home. This week we ran across a few challenges which I decided needed new methods and scheduling to our school week.

So what happened with our students…

  • Our 1st grade student wanted to do more on her All About Reading but the word lists were more in-depth and I broke it up into a few days.
  • Our 2nd grader decided that she was not going to finish all her work after the zoom meetings we had on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s so she had extra work when she returned home Wednesday afternoon.
  • Our 7th grader decided that instead of reading the directions she would just do the assignment – Let’s just say that did not work to her advantage!

What I came up with…

While the idea was on track with home schooling I needed to come up with a different approach so I thought actual time tracking would be a better idea and I could go over the instructions with each of them before they begin their assignments. While I was doing this already sometimes my two oldest would do the assignment before I went over it with them.

I decided to go on Canva (website for designing things) and create:

  • Classroom Rules
  • Weekly Fun Zone (which I recruited the girls to help with names)
    • Which we are going to fill out on Thursday’s for ideas for next week
  • Daily Schedule for how long to work on a subject

We shall see how the week goes and continue to make our schedules and create a fun learning environment for all of us.

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