Well the holidays have come and gone and we are happy to get back to our studies. We did some refreshers for math and language arts as well as having the students begin wearing their Fitbit Ace 2* to track their P.E. This week we worked on Positive Affirmations through Generation M**, learned about Arkansas, learned about the Santa Ana winds, and wrote in their journals about what they are grateful for.

Arkansas is a really interesting state and it is also against the law to mispronounce its name! What?!? I guess they did not like it when people said they were AR-KANSAS instead of AR-CAN-SAW. One thing we found very cool was that General MacArthur was also from Arkansas. Tidbit: my grandfather was the ships co-captain for General in the World War II. Also you can pan for diamonds at the National Park in Arkansas and you get to keep what ever you find. It is the first state where diamonds were founded.

* We are not affiliated with Fitbit, we just enjoy their products and we wanted to have our students see how they are doing for P.E., sleeping patterns, and understanding their health physically.

**We are an affiliate of GenM and are happy to utilize the tools and charts to help our students and children deal with their emotions in a positive and constructive way. We thank you for your support.

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