This week we ran into a few scheduling hiccups so I decided to revise the schedule. One of the issues was time, which I already knew would need some revisions. English we changed to 30 min on Tuesday & Wednesday and then I decided to move typing to Monday since we had the least amount of work on Monday. After I rescheduled a few things I will see how the times work for the next 3 weeks. If I need to change it up a bit more I will let you know.

Traveling Tuesday took us to Colorado where we learned it is called the Centennial state because it became a state a 100 years after our country was founded. I has beautiful canyons, Rocky Mountains, and it is home to the tallest peak in the US – Mount Elbert which is 14,440 feet above sea level. Wow!

Then we ventured to learn about tornadoes which was just for fun because we found some books about Tornadoes that peaked the interest of our Second Grader. We went to Fun Facts Just for Kids which had some pretty cool information and pictures about tornadoes all the students enjoyed.

On Mindful Monday we talked about word usage and also learned some more words in our Epic Words Book from Timberdoodle. The book is very fun to learn new words and expand our students vocabulary without them realizing.

**We are an affiliate of GenM and are happy to utilize the tools and charts to help our students and children deal with their emotions in a positive and constructive way. We thank you for your support.

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