Monday morning we went over report cards for the students and how they have been doing on their journeys. We found the schedule has been going well but our 7th grader has not been completing all her work. Each week she is given opportunity to complete missing assignments and correct problems which are incorrect. She has chosen not to complete them the last 3 weeks and it brought her grade down to C’s in Math, English, and Chemistry. She understands that completing her work is apart of being given opportunities during school so we are going to work on other motivations. The other students did well getting A’s and B’s in all their studies. We saw huge improvements in our 1st Grader. She is now reading Biscuit books which we had from my son when he was little. Our 2nd grader is excelling at all her studies and moved to multiplication and next will be division.

We found a wheel of names to pick out state for this week because it is a fun way to pick a state. I added the list of states remaining and let the wheel spin. It took us to Arizona and it was very fun to learn about. The students grandparents live in Arizona so they were more than excited to learn some new facts to tell their grandparents about. The Grand Canyon State became the 48th State in 1912 and it is home the OK Corral in Tombstone, AZ. We watched the Arizona video from Homeschool Pop, we like his animation and information.

The Red Rock State Park has many things to do like trails, biking, camping and events. The Hoover Dam has a whole bunch of fun facts for kids which we read through and the students found them very interesting. For example when Hoover Dam was built: Every state in the USA furnished supplies and materials for the construction of the dam which shows we have resources here in the United States to produce our own goods. Also, if you drink water from the tap at Disneyland, Anaheim or Sea World in San Diego — that water is coming from the Colorado River and Lake Mead, 300 miles away.

We started our mornings with a 10 minute Yoga video to help the students relax and focus. Since P.E. was indoors this week we utilized YouTube and found Yoga and exercise videos for kids.

Yoga in the Morning

Yoga in the morning helped them focus and relax in their school day. We saw an improvement with the students with their attention span and work. We will continue the Yoga in the mornings.

Fun Yoga for P.E.

The students seemed to enjoy the P.E. Yoga and they picked different videos each day. Plus they did a dance video which was funny to see how they all tried to dance with the video.

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