This week we added a 15 minute morning workout video and it was a struggle and fun to see them attempting some of the exercises. The students seemed more relaxed and ready to take on their studies. Geography for our 7th grader included working on The Great Wall of China.

We found a wheel of names to pick out state for this week because it is a fun way to pick a state. I added the list of states remaining and let the wheel spin. It took us to Indiana and it was very fun to learn about. Indiana was yet another of seven other states which have the Northern Cardianal as their state bird. The state nickname has been a wonder for years as historians are unable to agree on why the state is nicknamed the Hoosier state. It could be from the old English term for hills which means Hoosier but I suppose we may never know. Also, Indiana is know for the Indianapolis 500 where Nascar races take place. The students were excited to see the race cars because it reminded them of the Cars movie. We watched the Indiana video from Homeschool Pop, we like his animation and information.

Indiana has 19 stars on the state flag because it became the 19th state. The state flower is the peony and generally are a variety of pink colors. Indianapolis 500 is a race that involves 33 drivers that go around the track 200 times for 500 miles. The winner gets the Indy 500 Trophy and plenty of sponsorship’s as well.

We are still doing our mornings with a 10 minute Yoga video to help the students relax and focus. P.E. was a combination of indoor and outdoor because weather was permitting different days of the week.

Yoga before P.E.

We added a 10 minute yoga video before the students went to P.E and it helped them get in the zone and focus.

Morning workout

Here is a morning workout video the students enjoyed and helped them kick their day off with a good start.

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