This week we did a new 15 minute morning workout video and the students are getting better at the moves. We are glad to see the students more focused, relaxed, and ready to take on their studies. We are continuing The Great Wall of China with our 7th Grader and she is making great progress. Interesting enough the Great Wall of China had turrets facing the Mongolian side to protect Russia from the Mongolians. Over the years the Chinese Government has forced labor of men and women to rear down the tops of the wall on the Russian side and build turrets. Why would you need turrets on both sides of the wall when walls are for defense!

We found a wheel of names to pick out state for this week because it is a fun way to pick a state. I added the list of states remaining and let the wheel spin. It took us to Virginia and it was very fun to learn about. Virginia became the 10th State in the United States. Its’ State bird is also the Northern Cardinal. The state nickname The Old Dominion State because it was the first English colony. Also, Virginia is names after Queen Elizabeth I. The students thought Virginia was interesting because 62% of it is covered in forest. We watched the Virginia video from Homeschool Pop, we like his animation and information.

We are changing up doing our mornings with a 15 minute workout video to get their blood flowing and their brains thinking. Then before P.E we do a 10 minute Yoga video to help the students relax and focus.

Yoga before P.E.

We added a 10 minute yoga video before the students went to P.E and it helped them get in the zone and focus.

Morning workout

Here is a morning workout video the students enjoyed and helped them kick their day off with a good start.

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