Morning exercises are still a hit along with the iTOVi scans for all the students. We had some beautiful weather this week and we were able to talk about morning dew, fog, and spring time weather. We also celebrated a birthday on the 22nd for myself and the 24th of February for our Preschooler. She was so excited to have a raw chocolate torte and decorations. Here are some pictures of the decorations and flowers my son sent me!

We found a wheel of names to pick out state for this week because it is a fun way to pick a state. I added the list of states remaining and let the wheel spin. It took us to Tennessee and it was very fun to learn about. Tennessee became the 16th State in the United States. Its’ State bird is the Mockingbird. The state nickname The Volunteer State because it had a lot of volunteers sign up for the war. Also we watched the Tennessee video from Homeschool Pop, we like his animation and information.

In the morning we change up the workout videos to get the kids motivated and flexible. It has been nice outside so they have been able to do P.E. outdoors this week.

We are changing up doing our mornings with a 15 minute workout video to get their blood flowing and their brains thinking. Then before P.E we do a 10 minute Yoga video to help the students relax and focus.

Yoga before P.E.

We added a 10 minute yoga video before the students went to P.E and it helped them get in the zone and focus.

Morning workout

Here is a morning workout video the students enjoyed and helped them kick their day off with a good start.

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