Since beginning the individual schedules it is nice to see the students taking a liking to the schedule. I am able to spend more one on one time with each on and keep our Preschooler involved in different lessons with other students. Our Second grader is going to be doing Monday thru Friday full time instead of Zoom Meetings on Monday thru Wednesday. It will be interesting to see the class become one the entire week.

Looking for new desks

We have a table that works for the students as of now but our 7th grader is grown out of the table and chairs so we are looking at some different types of desks/tables which can accommodate all the students together or individually.

We found a wheel of names to pick out state for this week because it is a fun way to pick a state. I added the list of states remaining and let the wheel spin. It took us to New York which was very fun to learn about. New York is home to the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building.

We talked about Broadway plays, the people who lived there, what it was like in the 30’s and 40’s when New York was growing and changing. We also went over how the stock market has changed over the years as well as how people live in a city with over 8 million people!

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