Spring Break is finally here and progress reports went out for the 2nd Trimester. While the students are out on Spring Break we gave them painting projects for them to decorate and purchased plenty of vegetable for our spring garden.

The garden is going to be a lot of to work on during spring break because the students can enjoy getting their hands dirty and planting food for the family.

We also purchased some games for the family to play and have game nights.

We decided on the SAT10 for the students

SAT10 ended up being our choice for the testing because it included the testing guidelines we wanted and it also shows which grade level they are suited for in English, Math, Science and Reading. We only purchased the tests for our 2nd grade & 7th grade since our 1st grader is still developing her reading/comprehension skill.

Waldorf style learning –

For this next trimester we are excited to introduce a combination of our schooling and the Waldorf style of learning. We are going to include classes for music, art (more painting, pastels, and coloring), hand work such as finger knitting, stitching, crochet, and sewing.

We have a Ukulele, Guitar, and a keyboard for the music which we found some online learning and fun songs for the students to be excited about learning. Here is a website we found for the Ukulele which has all types of genre music for their style.

Since language is a part of our education already we are going to have language 2 or 3 times a week, continuing Spanish and adding sign language for the 3rd Trimester.

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