We began the SAT10 testing on Monday this week and it went really well and we will be sending the booklets and scoring sheet back to the company we ordered from. We are excited to see what the scores will be for our 2nd and 7th grader because it will give us the information for what books to get for next year. We are not going to focus on the actual grade as we are the level they are testing in. This way the students will not struggle with the curriculum and we can help them progress in their schooling.

Playing King of Tokyo and getting our art on with pastel colors.

Our strawberry patch is doing really well and we have been getting around 2-3 strawberries a day. Here are some pictures of our strawberries, potatoes, beets and spinach. The students have been enjoying their agriculture class and we will be learning about solar greenhouses beginning next week.

We are still enjoying the Qigong routine at 8am we have been doing different videos about 10-15 minutes long on You Tube.

Garden Project

The spring garden has been planted and the students helped plant, water, and weed the yard and garden. Here are some pictures of the plants we planted this week together. We have lettuce, onions, strawberries, snap beans, tomatoes and cabbage.

Our mindful class has been coming along as well. We are teaching the students that negative behavior is not a way to act or to punish. Creating a positive environment in the classroom and in the home is a balancing act and should be something that allows each child and adult to grow. Communication is the balance of life and should be provided as a tool to excel. There is no reason to use negative punishments when you can communicate through the situation. Talk about what each person thought and understand what happened. Usually it is a matter of miscommunication and it turns out nothing was wrong to begin with.