After many edit to our schooling we have decided to continue next year. In deciding so, we have put our classroom together and the students are very excited about the transition. The girls have been looking at the new Timberdoodle Catalog for 2021-2022 School Year and have been picking out items they want in their kits. We are waiting on the test scores for our 2nd and 7th Grader before we purchase their kits so we know what English, Science and Math to get for them. We still have some more items that need to be moved and organized, but the students were excited to be in their new classroom.

This 3rd-Trimester has been exciting for the students with the addition of more art and agriculture. We just finished the planter boxes and went to the nursery to pick out more vegetables for the garden. Here is a picture of the new garden boxes we made from old pallets. We placed chicken wire on the bottom of the beds and then did a layer of pine needles from our pine tree.

The kids had a wonderful day gardening and harvesting some spinach, beets, and lettuce.

This week we worked on STEM and making circuit connections. Our 2nd grader had a blast! She made a circuit and a floating ball. Then our Principle showed her how to connect the two together.

The Gaiam balls we purchased for the students desks have been a life saver. Our 2nd Grader does not sit still and the ball has helped her stay in her seat. It is a bit too tall for our Pre-K student so we have to hold the ball in place when she sits down and adjust her every 15 minutes or so because she begins to push the ball back. I think I will deflate it a bit more but not too much so the desk is too tall for her.

Our mindful class has been coming along as well. We are teaching the students that negative behavior is not a way to act or to punish. Creating a positive environment in the classroom and in the home is a balancing act and should be something that allows each child and adult to grow. Communication is the balance of life and should be provided as a tool to excel. There is no reason to use negative punishments when you can communicate through the situation. Talk about what each person thought and understand what happened. Usually it is a matter of miscommunication and it turns out nothing was wrong to begin with.