So Music we did not start again because the kids go their dad as their substitute teacher on Thursday and Friday while I was at the Doterra Convention (online)!

Spanish has been a hit!

We have had all the kids on Rosetta Stone this week and they all enjoyed the Lessons. They did Lessons 1.1 to 1.3 and pronunciation. While our Kindergartner and First Grader struggled more than our 4th and 8th Grader they still were able to understand La and El in the Masculine and Feminine the other words like come (to eat) and bebe (to drink) were a little more tricky. I think because they sound familiar.

What about Khan Academy?

Khan has been used by our Kindergartner and 1st grader and it was fun to see our Kindergartner understand how to add 1 to numbers 1-5 and how to take away 1 from 1-5. We used blocks along with the lesson and the hands on was a fun visual. The lesson was a little more challenging for our 1st grader for adding double digit number even while using blocks. We will continue to learn about how to add with block and how to subtract.

Science was a blast!

1st Grade gathered leaves and looked and them under the magnifying glass to see their veins and drew pictures.

4th Grade we had a fern leaf that we looked under a magnifying glass. – – Now I wish we had a Microscope!!! We also looked at fungi on a leaf and talked about what fungi is as well as what it does.