Week 10 (Nov 1-5)

Social Studies was very fun this week, we learned about a Compass and the Cardinal Directions. Students drew maps and put a compass in the corner of the map letting the reader know which direction they need to go. We also got a weather vain for science so we can check temperature, humidity, wind speed, dew point, and moon phase.

Week 11 (Nov 8-12)

This week was about the garden and nature. We found an injured humming bird and tried to help but after 36 hours she did not make it. She was an Anna’s Hummingbird which stay in Southern California and do not migrate. She had an injured wing and was unable to fly. We made nectar for her and a box for her to rest in. The students learned so much about the hummingbird species and how December is their mating season.

Week 12 (Nov 15-19)

The garden has taken off. We are excited for our Kale, lettuce, beans, brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and mandarin oranges.

We also have seeds planted so when the harvest is pulled we can plant more as we harvest.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We love pumpkins and gourds. A simple photo for a simple time of year. We celebrate being a family, learning together, and remembering all those before us. The season of Autumn reminds us to shed old habits that do not benefit us and take on new habits for growth in our lives.

Overall, we had a great month of November.

Kindergarten – Continuing letters and their sounds: a, t, n , p, m, j, and s. We took nature walks this month in the afternoon when it was warm and we saw many birds, lizards, and bees in the neighborhood.

First Grade – Made this month about fairy tales and exploring our imagination to make our own stories. We worked on math manipulatives which went over addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

4th Grade – We continue to move forward in math. Talk about science in nature through the world of botany and different ecosystems around the world. We have also been having fun with learning about Chakras and positive vibrations.

8th Grade – Law has been a point of interest in 8th grade and how it works. We have a lot of law books including Black’s Law Dictionary. We are also learning that math is also in science and how important it is to understand math in many ways; measurements, time, scheduling, money, bookkeeping, and driving (to name a few).

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