Week 7 (Oct 11-15)

This week was a lot of fun, we had the students build a Bird Nest Supply Box. They learned that you can put hair trimmings, small twigs, feathers (from the chickens), moss and clipped grasses. They really enjoyed making the nests because where we live there are birds who do not migrate.

We also were able to get ready for Halloween and the students were able to read stories on EPIC, watch some videos on YouTube and decorate the front yard (which I forgot to get a picture of).

Week 8 (Oct 18-22)

Learning about mirror images in math and finding letters in words.

Week 9 (Oct 25-29)

The Descendants – I think they were more excited about the wigs than the actual costumes!

The wore there costumes all weekend as well and they were able to have fun dressing up and playing. It is important to have an imagination!

Overall, we had a great month of October.

Kindergarten – The students have be progressing nicely in their studies and we are starting to be able to retell stories which we read during the week. We are also working on letter sounds and beginning to put sounds together to make words. We have done letters: a, t, n , p, m, j, and s.

First Grade – There has been so many good stories and we are solid on reading level 1. Level 2 has been a little tricky and retelling stories is still being worked on. We work on drawing pictures of the stories and mastery work.

4th Grade – Sassafras Science had been very fun. Math is progressing very well and we are excited to move forward to Pre-Algebra In January. Spanish has been a bit of a challenge but sign-language is excelling!

8th Grade – This has been a difficult month but we are working on positive mindsets, organizing our classwork and time, going back to the examples or to the chapter to understand how to answer the questions. We will survive!

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